Minecraft - TNT Mod 2.3 for Windows 10


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TNT Mod is one of the more popular modifications for Minecraft. With this patch you can destroy everything we have built up in the game world. Added some types of explosives: Fire Bomb (all fires and causes total annihilation blocks), Nuke TNT (the same as the first weapon, but with less firepower), We have introduced two types of explosives and napalm Miner TNT. The latter wreaks havoc. Creates a lake of lava and destroys everything that will be outpouring lava. Installation of fashion: 1.It is the beginning to find the root of the game Minecraft (C :/ Users / username / AppData / Roaming /. Minecraft). 2.Wykonać file backup minecraft.jar 3 Open the file and move all files from this modification directly to the window of the opened minecraft.jar file. 4 Close the open file and we enjoy wgranym modem. (If the archive is open META-INF folder should be deleted)